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School Mascot Approaches Boy And Removes Mask, He Flips Out When He Sees Who Is Inside.

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You can’t go wrong with a bit of motherly love. Sometimes, all you need is a hug, but unfortunately, some people don’t always have that luxury.

It can be tough for kids with parents in the military, not knowing when you’ll next see your mother and/or father or even if they will make it back safe. But one mother wanted to give her son the most awesome surprise possible!

McKinley Elementary School had just gotten their first mascot suit. They knew they wanted to give it a grand entrance, then they got a great idea to debut it to the school.

The school learnt that one of their students, a young boy named Jake was missing his mother. She was away on deployment so when the school found out when she would return, they worked with her to plan the greatest surprise for Jake.

military mom

Jake and his fellow students were sat eating at lunchtime when the school announced to the kids that they had finally found the perfect costume to represent the school’s mascot – the jaguar.

The children knew the mascot would be on the prowl, but nobody knew who would be inside! But the mascot found a spot directly opposite Jake… Then they removed the head and his face changed instantly.

This video truly shows how powerful the bond between a mother and her son is and it certainly had us needing to dry our eyes.

Don’t forget to watch this touching surprise from a military mom to her son in the video below. Also, we love hearing all of your opinions at Happiest. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. 🐝

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