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Lazy Dog Hates The Morning Alarm, Shows His Disapproval And It’s Pure Comedy

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Everyone has a special hatred for the morning alarm. It’s a necessary evil that terrorizes us every morning. But humans are not the only ones that hate the alarm. Apparently, animals hate it too.


YouTube/Oscar Vizsla



Oscar is a 4 year old Hungarian Vizsla who loves sleeping in. His favorite activity is snuggling up in his thick cozy blanket and enjoying the morning snooze. It’s no surprise then that the thing he despises most is the morning alarm disturbing his peaceful slumber.


YouTube/Oscar Vizsla


Watch as the alarm starts off slow and Oscar adorably opens his eyes and grumbles his disapproval of the alarm. Then, just as Oscar thinks the worst is over, the alarm starts going off faster and louder.


YouTube/Oscar Vizsla


This irks Oscar to no end. He just can’t take it anymore! He howls and whines! “Why won’t it stop?! Someone turn it off!”  Poor Oscar. He looks so cute when he’s annoyed.

The cutest part of the video, however, is when the alarm stops ringing.  Oscar curses at the alarm one last time, then goes right back to sleep, just like a human would! Too cute!

Click the video below to watch Oscar’s hilarious morning tantrum!

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