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Dog Shot Over 60 Times With BBs And Pellets, Police Offer $500 Reward For Any Information

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WARNING: Graphic images. This article contains pictures of a dog with pellet wounds.

In one of the most chilling animal crimes we’ve seen, a 1-year-old Bull Mastiff puppy was shot over 60 times with BBs and pellets in Seymour. The worst part is, the person responsible for this heinous crime is yet to be caught.


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Hayden Howard usually lets her 100-pound English Mastiff pup, named Jackson, play around in her fenced-in backyard. But this one night when she brought the pup back inside, she noticed something strange. Jackson had marks all over his body.

Assuming they were bug bites, Hayden took Jackson to the vet the next morning only to discover the horrific truth. The vet told her these weren’t bug bites. Jackson had been shot multiple times.


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Hayden couldn’t believe the number of BBs and pellets the vet kept removing from poor Jackson’s body. One pellet had even lodged under one of his eyelids. The police and vet estimated that he had been shot at least 60 times, of which the majority of the shots had lodged inside his body.


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The police investigations began, and a neighboring house is a suspect in the case after drug paraphernalia, marijuana and methamphetamine were found in the home. Although the neighbor has been booked for drug possession, they haven’t been able to prove they’re responsible for the attack on Jackson.

Seymour police say without hard evidence or confession, proving who the actual attackers are would be very difficult. Which is why they’re offering a $500 reward to anyone who can provide them with information regarding this case.


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Jackson is working hard to recover. We hope whoever committed this unforgivable crime is caught soon and punished severely. What do you think the punishment should be in such a case? Let us know in the comment section below.

Click the video to watch Jackson’s story.

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