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Heroic Dog Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice By Tackling Suicide Bomber In A Wedding Dress

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Dogs can be trained and employed by many organizations to help out in ways that humans just can’t. Whether the task may be to guide people, calm people, or sniff out drugs or bombs, dogs can use their unique talents for some very tough jobs.

Bomb-sniffing dogs, for instance, go through the proper training and conditioning to do the job right and to prevent an exclusive bond between the dog and a particular person. A dog is taught to sit each time he finds the odor as a signal to his handler that a bomb is present. By using a treat as a reward rather than praise, it allows the dog to work with others as well.

These dogs are trained to memorize a dozen or so smells to be able to detect all types of bombs and explosives. And it is training that is well worth it in the end when criminals are busted and lots of lives are saved.

And that’s what happened when one heroic dog made the ultimate sacrifice at a Nigerian wedding. The dog was present when he sensed something suspicious about one of the female guests. Wedding guest Buba Abhmed told Daily Mail that the teenage woman sat near the outskirts of the crowd of a ceremony attended by many villagers.

The woman was hiding a bomb under her dress and was planning to detonate it in the middle of the crowd to kill as many people as possible. But the dog pounced on the suicide bomber setting off the explosives that ended up killing himself and the woman. But no one else was hurt.

They say the Boko Haram Islamic extremists are the ones responsible for the wedding suicide bombs, and that wasn’t the only incident to take place that day.

Dozens have been killed as the extremists have resorted to attacking soft targets with suicide bombers after being driven out of most towns and villages in northeastern Nigeria. But thanks to dogs like this one, many lives are being saved every day.

h/t Animal Channel

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