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Woman Sprays Owl With Water, His Epic Reaction Has Internet Going Wild

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Curbie the owl is kept in captivity for a reason. Owls are not meant to be pets and we do not encourage it. However, sometimes an owl is injured and cannot go back to the wild after recovery, or has complications at birth and remains in captivity his whole life.

This owl also has such a beautiful personality! He loves his caregiver very much. Curbie’s caregiver understands that owls need constant hydration when kept in captivity. She uses a spray bottle to give Curbie a drink when he’s thirsty. This video of Curbie’s water break has the internet going wild. In fact, it has been viewed over 24 million times. YES! I said 24 MILLION TIMES!

Facebook/Poke My Heart

Curbie flies over for his spritz. He gently takes in the water and you could seriously faint from the cuteness! Just look at his little owl face! But it’s what he does next that has made Curbie internet famous!

Facebook/Poke My Heart

Wild owls take baths often to clean their feathers. They like to stand in shallow water and splash around, getting their feathers moist and clean. Curbie uses this “pit stop” moment to relish in a bit of grooming.

Facebook/Poke My Heart

Curbie enjoys the sprays to his face by his caregiver and then does the most magnificent thing– he stretches out his wings in the most glorious manner. Watching Curbie is like looking at fine art!

Facebook/Poke My Heart

What happens next is THE BEST PART! I won’t spoil it. Remember, if this video has been viewed so many times, it must be for good reason! Aren’t owls magnificent?

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