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Homeless Dog With Broken Leg Hitches A Ride With Hero Cyclist

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Columbo the dog needed help right away. The poor dog was injured, emaciated, and had no one to take him in. At the exact moment Columbo emerged from the woods in Columbus, Georgia, a pack of bicyclists were riding past the exact spot.

Source: Facebook/AdventuresofColumbo

A cyclist, Jarrett Little, knew the dog needed immediate medical attention, but how would they transport him into town? The creative crew came up with a plan for the dog to ride piggyback style on Jarrett’s back. The dog’s broken leg was gently placed into the back pocket of Jarrett’s shirt. The image of this caring act has gone viral.

Source: Facebook/AdventuresofColumbo

Fate stepped in again, as a Maine woman was in town on a business matter. Andrea Shaw saw the cyclists and the injured dog. She took one look and called her husband to say she was going to adopt Columbo, whom they all call Bo.

Source: Facebook/AdventuresofColumbo

She paid for the surgery and eventually traveled back home for a new lease on life.

Source: Facebook/AdventuresofColumbo

Bo now lives a life of love, happiness, and gets lots of treats, affection, and exercise. Does this story make you get all the feels? Hip hip hooray for the kind people who helped Bo!

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