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Woman Tragically Lost Her Husband, But This Unwanted Shelter Dog Helped Her Cope

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Melani Andrews, a 72-year-old woman from California, had been through a lot of rough times in her life. She tragically lost her husband which broke her heart. And if things couldn’t get any worse, her beloved Staffordshire Terrier, Lola, passed away shortly after.

Melani grew very depressed and was extremely lonely. Her grandkids didn’t like seeing her all alone, so they suggested that she find someone to keep her company. That’s when Melani thought about adopting a dog.

Melani Clifford-Andrews

But she didn’t want just any dog, she wanted a dog who no one else wanted. She entered the Front Street Animal Shelter and asked to see their oldest dog who was overlooked the most. That’s when she met 12-year-old Jake, a dog who was brought in as a stray a few months prior.

Melani Clifford-Andrews

Jake was completely deaf, partially blind, and was suffering from terminal skin cancer. Vets weren’t certain of how long Jake had left to live, but Melani knew she wanted to make his final time on Earth the best it could be.

Melani Clifford-Andrews

On the drive home, Jake laid his head right in Melani’s hand. In that moment, she knew that everything was going to be OK and that she and Jake would get along just fine. Once they arrived at their house, Jake didn’t hesitate to make himself right at home and snuggled up on the couch.

Melani Clifford-Andrews

Melani may have rescued Jake from that shelter, but Jake rescued Melani in return. She suffered two great losses in her life, but Jake has found a way to bring a smile back to Melani’s face. The two of them share a special bond, and Melani is enjoying every moment she has left with Jake.

He could have less than a year left or he could have more than two, but regardless, Melani knows that Jake is comfortable, content and enjoying life!

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