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Dog Caught On Dash Cam Demonstrates How To Safely Cross The Street

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Always look both ways before crossing the road. This is one of the first things we learn as children. This rule also applies to the canine world, as one dog in particular is showing the Internet how to look both ways before navigating to the other side.

Source: YouTube

Dashcam footage shows the solitary dog standing alongside the roadway as cars pass by in both directions. He looks to the left, then to the right, and he does so a few times. This doggo is clearly waiting for the traffic to pass.

Source: YouTube

Only when traffic has slowed and then comes to a halt does the dog gently make his way from point A to point B. He walks across the street with complete manners and taking safety into consideration. This brilliant dog not only knew to look both ways, but he also did a little hop-step gait that most people do when they scurry across the street.

Source: YouTube

Whoever taught this dog about safety definitely nailed it.

*Always keep your dog leashed to prevent accidents (or worse!). Watch this smart dog in action in the video below.

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