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Man Hand Feeds Wild Crocodiles In Pond Like It’s No Big Deal

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Every now and then a story comes along that stops us in our tracks: this is THAT story. You know how dogs love to give us those big puppy dog eyes when we have their favorite treat in our hands? It’s darned adorable, right? One man in Africa is taking the dispensing of treats to a new extreme: he hand feeds crocodiles in a pond. Yes, you read that right. A guy in Africa takes a bag of food to hand feed to a pond full of crocodiles.

Source: UNILAD

Sometimes a dog can nip closely at human fingers when we have treats, so imagine the danger this man is in being that close to crocs with food in his hands!

According to UNILAD, in this African village of Sabu within the state of Burkina Faso, tourists are allowed to pet crocodiles and take photos next to them. Maksims Grudinins, who shared the video, says that crocodiles are sacred there and local residents believe that crocs guard their destinies. Further, he says if a villager lies, the crocs must know about it and thus, eat the cheater!

The man in this video seems to have no fear, but notice how fast he high tails it out of there when the food runs out. Hold your breath as you watch this epic video below.

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