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Soldier Dad Tricks Dog In ‘What The Fluff’ Challenge, Their Reunion Has Us Bawling

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We’ve seen countless ‘What The Fluff’ challenges on social media. It’s a pretty simple little game that has dog owners cracking up. Their human stands behind a blanket, pulls it up high and hides behind it, then runs away before the blanket falls to the floor.

Once the blanket hits the floor and there is no human standing there, dogs have all different types of reactions. Some bark. Some get confused and bark. Some get pissed off and bark. Some get sad and bark. While others just sit there and really couldn’t care less (that would be my dog).

However, this ‘What The Fluff’ challenge is completely different than the rest. This time, a boy stands behind the blanket. A dog sits nicely and waits for the human to do whatever it is he’s doing but then, something magical is revealed. Something so unexpected that this dog doesn’t just bark and look confused. Or not care like my dog.

He sees his dad after being deployed for 9 months!!! His reaction is the sweetest, most heartwarming thing I’ve seen in a long time! The dog’s whole body wiggles, he whimpers, he says in dog: “Dad, I’ve missed you so darn much! I’m so happy you’re home!”

I can watch this video a dozen times and not tire of it. Trust me, it’s that good! What are you waiting for?! Go watch it and see for yourself!

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