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Grandpa’s puppy surprise for his birthday has the whole internet smiling

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grandpa's puppy surprise

Birthday presents can be touch-and-go subjects. Will they like the present? Won’t they like the present? It’s hard to try and get the perfect gift for your loved ones. But when it came to this guy’s grandpa, there was only one thing that he wanted to buy him.

Scott D’Arcy-Masters had been pondering for a while. He knew he had to get his grandpa the perfect present to show how much he means to him. Scott kept tossing ideas back and forth, but he kept going back to one solid idea – he wanted to buy his grandpa a puppy.

Scott’s grandpa Bruce has always loved dogs and Scott felt it was about time they added a furry family member to the mix.

Scott’s grandpa’s puppy surprise would certainly make the best birthday present possible

Bruce had no idea this was planned, nor did expect to see a puppy before his very eyes. You can see from his reaction how surprised he was and how much this gift truly meant to him.

grandpa's puppy surprise

Scott and his family told Bruce to close his eyes before they revealed their gift for him. But Bruce had no idea he would be getting a present as gorgeous as this one!

Scott told Bruce to open his eyes. As soon as he did, you can see how shocked he was to see an adorable little puppy sitting upon his lap. Their grandpa’s puppy surprise certainly was well-received.

Honestly, seeing Bruce’s reaction nearly brought a tear to my eye. You can see how happy he is and how much love is in his heart. In fact, Bruce nearly started crying himself when he saw the little black dog.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend and Bruce looks like he’s found a new canine companion to love and cherish.

Don’t forget to watch Scott reveal his grandpa’s puppy surprise for his birthday in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. 🐝

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