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Tiny Kangaroo Takes His First Hops Toward Caretaker, Does Adorable Flip Into Sack

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The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Central Australia, is home to many kangaroos of all different ages.

The sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and releases orphaned kangaroos back into the wild. It also acts as a refuge for all kangaroos that have been raised by wildlife carers and can’t be realized back into the wild due to being too tame or because of injury. The kangaroos there are well-taken care of and live a good quality life in the wilds of their 188-acre sanctuary.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

One of their youngest kangaroos was a six-month-old joey named Bradley who became orphaned after his mother was hit by a car.

Kangaroo expert Chris “Brolga” Barns, who runs the sanctuary, has spent several weeks carrying Bradley around in a fabric pouch to imitate that of his mother’s. Bradley leaves the pouch for a few minutes each day so he could bounce around to build up his strength.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

In the video below, you’ll witness tiny Bradley hop toward Brolga, wobbling as he tries to stand still, before hopping into the fabric sack head-first. This sack provides the security that he would normally get from being inside his mom’s pouch. Brolga, his wife Tahnee, and the rest of the staff at the sanctuary, do a great job at caring for these adorable kangaroos.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Bradley may be tiny in the video, but he has grown rather quickly. Kangaroos can reach heights anywhere from three to eight feet tall and can weigh between 40 and 200 pounds. Bradley has since been successfully released back into the bush, where they will have plenty of food and water.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Click here to follow updates on Bradley and all of the other kangaroos at their sanctuary.

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