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Dog Missing For 3 Years, Miracle Moment Owner Finds Him Captured On Video

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One of the most devastating things that could ever happen to a pet owner is to have their beloved dog go missing. That’s exactly what happened to a Taiwanese man whose dog went missing for three long years. Until suddenly one day, something amazing happened.

Source: YouTube

A video with over a million views has surfaced of a very unexpected reunion between this man and his long-lost dog, Georgie.

Source: YouTube

As the camera moves shakily along, you see people on the street and what appears to be a dog lying near a bench outdoors. A man’s voice is heard asking, “Georgie, is that you?”

The dog looks up with uncertainty, but then he sees his long-lost owner! The dog can hardly control himself, and he is crying, whimpering, and makes all sorts of happy sounds to be reunited.

Source: YouTube

As a nearby shopkeeper comes outside to see what is happening, the man asks if he would take a photo of the miraculous reunion. The shopkeeper captured the moment, and the Internet just can’t get enough of this joyful moment.

Source: YouTube

Watch below as all the dog and owner find each other after three long years. Lots of wagging and doggy kisses await!

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