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Onlookers In Hysterics While Dog Has Meltdown, Refuses To Leave The Park

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For millions of dogs, a trip to the dog park is like going to canine Disneyland. For one particular Golden Retriever, he had so much fun at the dog park, he refused to leave. When his owner tried to get the pooch to leave, the dog planted his paws, lay down, and refused to budge!

Source: YouTube

It all started with a fun visit to the dog park. When it was time to go, the dog actually rolled over, as if to say to his owner, “No, Dad, don’t make me move!”

Source: YouTube

The owner then appears to have a little heart-to-heart talk with his doggo, but nope, the pooch won’t move. Anyone who has kids or dogs who throw a fit knows what this guy was going through.

Source: YouTube

There was only one thing left to try: get a big stick and place it between his teeth. The man actually picked up the stick and put it in his own human teeth! Imagine what other visitors to the park thought when they saw that hysterical act!

Source: YouTube

Well, it worked: the dog jumped up, followed his owner, and off they went. It is so funny that you must see it for yourself in this video below.

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