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Rescuers Respond To Hit And Run Accident Then See A Tiny Hand Reaching For Them

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Imagine showing up at the scene of an accident and you discover an animal who has been hurt. That’s what happened to a group of people in Victoria, Australia. They came upon the accident and saw a very injured kangaroo. Someone hit the kangaroo with their vehicle and left it for dead. The heartless person left the scene, and so the Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network was called in.

Source: Facebook/Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network

Melanie Fraser, a worker from Wildlife Victoria, rushed to the accident scene. Unfortunately, upon arrival, the kangaroo had already passed away. It was in this moment, however, that Melanie noticed something moving.

Source: Bored Panda/Christine Fraser

Inside the kangaroo’s pouch was a newborn baby kangaroo, called a joey. Its little hand reached out to her. If she did not see this hand at this moment, the baby may not have survived due to the elements.

Source: Bored Panda/Christine Fraser

The sweet baby was brought to a wildlife rehab staff member named Christine Gilmore. She took the animal in, gave it care, and paired him with an orphaned baby joey. The two will grow together and then be released back into the wild at the same time.

Source: Bored Panda/Christine Fraser

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for kind people who help animals in need. Here’s to a long, happy life for this sweet baby Joey!

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