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Video Captures Rare Baby Tree Kangaroo Peeking Head Out Of Pouch

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“Peek-a-boo” is exactly what a baby kangaroo, called a joey, seems to be saying when he peeks his little head out of his mom’s pouch. The very rare baby tree kangaroo was born in Victoria, Australia, at the Healesville Sanctuary. After spending six months inside its mom’s comfortable pouch, cameras captured the moment this bundle of love emerged.

Source: Unilad

At the beginning of 2016, the sanctuary bred the female kangaroo, Mani, with a breeding partner named Bagam. In doing so, they hope to protect and recover the kangaroo population. This was the very first joey born at the sanctuary, so everyone was very excited.

Source: Unilad

Unlike regular kangaroos, the tree kangaroos spend their time living in trees. They prefer living there and when they try to walk on solid ground, they are generally clumsy.

Sadly, the tree kangaroos are endangered due to habitat loss and hunting. Many sanctuaries and Zoos Victoria are working to save this beautiful species from becoming extinct.

Source: Unilad

Watch the adorable moment the baby joey sticks its head out. Once he has had enough, watch as he gently nuzzles back into the safety of his mother’s pouch.

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