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Woman Finds Dog Roaming Her Yard, Then Notices Upsetting Note On Her Collar

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It’s not totally unheard of to see a dog roaming around yards and streets, especially after they have gotten loose from their home. But this case was a little different from the typical “lost dog.”

A woman saw a dog roaming around in her backyard in western Michigan and quickly checked her ID tags to see who she belonged to. As she got closer, she discovered a note that was attached to her collar, which was seemingly written by her former owner.


The note read: “I am lost and looking for a home – my owner had a stroke and can no longer care for me. Please don’t take me to a shelter. I am a purebred Coon Hound 6 months old. Please find home.”


The dog, named Ghost, hadn’t been abandoned in an act of cruelty, but rather as an erroneous act of kindness. While the owner may have not gone about finding Ghost a new home the right way, they truly had good intentions for Ghost.

Thankfully, Ghost wound up in virtuous hands and was taken in by Luvnpupz, an animal rescue group. Luvnpupz founder and president Carri Shipaila agreed that this wasn’t a typical abandonment case and that the owner did not do this out of malice.


Ghost has since been placed with a loving foster home while Shipaila searches for Ghost’s former owner. She believes that they could help her owner keep the dog in the home by providing financial assistance or whatever it may be.

She hopes the community can band together to help, rather than judge the owner for how they went about finding Ghost a new home.


If the owner cannot be tracked down, Ghost will be put up for adoption. In the meantime, she is doing great in her foster home!

Click here to follow updates on Ghost on Luvnpupz Facebook page.

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