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Dog Clings To Couch For A Week In Hurricane Flood Waters Waiting To Be Saved

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Last month, Hurricane Florence swept across the Carolinas, leaving much destruction in its path. People were displaced from their homes, and many were forced to evacuate, sadly leaving their pets behind.

One of those dogs was an adorable little Maltese named Soshe, who was trapped in her home in Burgaw, North Carolina.

ABC News

Thankfully her owner alerted animal control so someone could help her. That’s when the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) heard about Soshe’s plight and agreed to save her.

But the rescue would be anything but easy. The neighborhood was so flooded that it was hard to find the house that Soshe was in.

ABC News

As floodwaters rose inside of the house, Soshe sought safety amidst a drenched couch that was floating through the home. She would be stuck here for days before rescuers finally found her.

As rescuers from HSMO got closer to the house, they heard barking and crying coming from inside and knew it was the right one. Thankfully, Soshe was still alive and volunteers were able to get her out of that awful situation.

ABC News

The video below shows rescuers attempting to get into the house. The floodwaters were nearly six to seven feet high and were almost to the top of the door and windows. Working together, they finally managed to kick the door in and swam inside the home to retrieve the petrified pup.

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