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Pit Bull Rescued From Dog-Fighting Ring Gets Second Chance As A Police K9

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Three-year-old Dallas was one of 31 Pit Bulls rescued from a Canadian dog fighting ring after he was found chained to metal stakes. Among the dogs were schedules, muzzles, break sticks, steroids and suture kits – all things used for dog-fighting.

Thankfully, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals won a legal battle and was able to get Dallas and the rest of the dogs out of there.

Our Community Now

Dallas was happy to leave that awful life behind, and his new life is already one for the record books! Next month, Dallas will graduate from a six-week training program and will become Honaker, Virginia’s first and only narcotics-sniffing dog.

Throw Away Dogs Project

He was trained by the Throw Away Dogs Project, a non-profit in Pennsylvania, and then went on to train under veteran police K9 trainer Bruce Myers.

Throw Away Dogs Project

Dallas was the perfect candidate to become a K9 for this police department with his outgoing personality along with his play drive. During his training program, he learned to detect cocaine, along with many other scents.

Dallas will work and live with officer Cody Rowe, a former K9 officer with the Virginia Department of Correction. The town of Honaker has always wanted a narcotics dog, but the hefty price tag that comes along with it has always hindered them from doing so.

Throw Away Dog Project

Thankfully, the rescue is paying for all of Dallas’ training costs and donating him to the police department. Once Dallas arrives, he will get a badge and will be treated just like a human officer would be.

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