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Greyhound is told a spooky story and her reaction is hilarious

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It doesn’t have to be Halloween for us to enjoy a good scare! This Greyhound bundles up in a blanket to listen to her human tell a spooky story and her reaction is priceless. 

Emma, the Italian Greyhound, cuddles up for story time with her daddy and braces herself for a tale made up especially for her. As soon as her owner begins to speak in a deep, ominous voice she knows that it’s going to be an especially scary one!

As the story goes on, Emma begins hilariously reacting to the creepy elements of the story, crying out perfectly when she learns of the evil chihuahua and Guava Melon who live in the forest. (Don’t ask us why a Guava Melon is scary…) Not to mention the look of horror on her face when they steal her treats is priceless!

This is a game we play with our Italian Greyhound, Emma. She is a sweety. She is also totally spoiled as my wife says (she blames me for the spoiling). For some reason certain words make her “roo”. Her main words are Guava Melon, Chihuahua, and MAMA. Also if you make like Pavarotti and sing opera she will go off. (Pretty much anytime I sing she starts howling.) So I made a little Halloween story for her. She got extra treats for this.

But luckily for Emma, the story isn’t real and she gets to snuggle up with her human at the end of the video, knowing that she can sleep easy with his protection against the evil chihuahuas in the world.

If you found Emma’s reaction to the spooky story as funny as we did then share it with your friends to brighten up their day. Also, we love hearing your thoughts at Happiest, so feel free to leave your comments below. 🐝

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